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The Team

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Alicia is a photographer based in Alberta's Rocky Mountain region. She specializes in heritage and conservation photography and has worked with provincial and federal museums as well as multiple government tourism associations to capture unique landscapes, artefacts, and histories. Her photographic work focuses on conservation issues and the intricate connection between environments and people.

Alicia is the current Director of Preserve the Haunt where she has worked in various roles since 2010. She is always excited to share unusual and haunting places with new audiences.

Outreach Coordinator

Alix is a project manager from the Lake of the Woods area in Ontario. She has a passion towards working with local communities and organizations to promote tourism and positive stewardship. Her professional work focuses on building meaningful and sustainable connections within communities through grass-roots initiatives. Her enthusiasm of ghost stories started in youth and now she champions using scary stories and folklore to bring people together.

Alix is the current Outreach Coordinator for Preserve the Haunt.

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Preserve the Haunt is a non-profit that operates with a governing board.