Our Work Preservation & Historic Sites

Cheers to 13 Years

Preserve the Haunt celebrates 13 years archiving haunted history. That's 13 years of working alongside municipal, provincial, and federal historic sites across Canada to document and save their best unexplained stories.

Our goal is always to renew public interest in our shared history and to promote responsible tourism and learning. We will continue to focus on new ways to preserve and document these places for future generations.

From haunted hotels to haunted railways, we have developed an archive that spans across Canada and includes some of the world's most haunted places.

We have 13 years' worth of partnerships in your community. We have recorded over 13 years' worth of oral stories, and collected 13 years' worth of ghostly tales.

Also, we have had 13 years of travel to mountaintops, mines, oceansides, dark attics, desolate streets, quaint townships, underground caverns, and foggy forests.

Join us to celebrate 13 years of research in the dark.

About Us

Preserve the Haunt began as a graduate research project that examined haunted historic locations. After discovering many locations were no longer standing, the research shifted in an attempt to understand how we currently document, witness, relate to, and interact with haunted places and their histories.

The archive was formed as a way to digitally collect and preserve sites and their stories.

Saving History with Mystery

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We are proud of Preserve the Haunt's work in archiving and preserving historic spaces. We continue to work with the owners and site managers to document the site's history, on site experiences/stories, as well as provide a contemporary visual and auditory record of each space.

As always, we recognize that ghost stories and experiences are dealt with differently at each site. We will continue to feature locations that have embraced their haunted history for others.

Our preservation work has included the following at various heritage sites:

  • acoustic recording and collection
  • 360 site and exhibit mapping
  • museum and heritage photography
  • aerial photography
  • industry night seminars
  • education program and conservation weekends
  • photography workshops
  • youth and adult education programs

Contact us for preservation work or education programs, tours, and workshops.