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Preserve the Haunt aims to digitally record and document the experiences, sounds, and landscapes of various haunted historic sites across Canada. Our collection features interviews and transcripts from local managers, staff and historians as well as numerous audio recordings of different haunted spaces and surroundings.


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Mar 15/2016: Be sure to check out our FAQ section, especially the Archive FAQ page if you are considering contributing content to our growing digital repository.

Mar 1/2016: Join PTH in the upcoming months as we work to unveil new content, archive materials, video, and acoustic recordings for new sites across Canada!

Mar 2/2015: New content added!  We have curated an album of recordings from the Stirling Haunted Mansion.  You can listen to them here.

Feb 14/2015: Look forward to content changes and updates on our website.  If you would like to see a featured location, or different features on our website, let us know!

Nov 11/2014: Join Preserve the Haunt as we share our experiences digitally preserving haunted historic sites on Nov. 14/2014 at 7 pmfor more information check out: