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Preserve the Haunt aims to digitally record and document the experiences, sounds, and landscapes of various haunted historic sites across Canada. Our collection features interviews and transcripts from local managers, staff and historians as well as numerous audio recordings of different haunted spaces and surroundings.

Archive FAQ


When will more content be uploaded?

We are still in the process of editing and uploading content from this past summer.  As our preservation team is small, publishing content can take some time.  We also refine and post additional images, sounds, and video to existing pages.

Why do you play sound in each room?

Audio recordings help relay a sense of space at each location. By listening to the audio in each room, you can gain an understanding for depth and space otherwise lost in images. We keep each sound loop the same so you can compare the auditory differences of each room. We have also recorded some of the most ‘active’ spaces at each location.

Why have you not recorded every room?

Some historic sites are busy with many people or different environmental factors (such as construction or thundershowers). We record the rooms that are reported to have the most haunting activity or experiences. As we do not wish to impede the experiences of any visitors to the site, we try to record during off season hours or in places that will yield the best audio imprint. Still, some spaces have a lot of audio contamination from outside sources and won’t fairly represent the spaces we are trying to preserve.  At each location, there are still many spaces with paranormal activity left unrecorded.

Why don’t you just record the static room?

We have experimented with recording the static room without playing any sound but soon recognized that it is hard to hear the depth of the space.