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Preserve the Haunt aims to digitally record and document the experiences, sounds, and landscapes of various haunted historic sites across Canada. Our collection features interviews and transcripts from local managers, staff and historians as well as numerous audio recordings of different haunted spaces and surroundings.



Saving haunted history

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We preserve hauntings through outreach, restoration, and research.


saving history's haunts

Preserve the Haunt is committed to saving haunted historic sites across Canada.  Our collections digitally archive the experiences, landscapes, legends, and histories of various haunts and spaces for future generations. 

Archived Gallery Photography by Kelsey Derksen-Hatt



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It is easy to say we are all haunted, by a sense of place or lost time, or even by memories. There are hauntings that can be different. In those cases, like here, ghost stories take place in a very real way
— - Museum Volunteer, MMBC 2014