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Preserve the Haunt aims to digitally record and document the experiences, sounds, and landscapes of various haunted historic sites across Canada. Our collection features interviews and transcripts from local managers, staff and historians as well as numerous audio recordings of different haunted spaces and surroundings.

General FAQ


How can I visit these locations?

We provide the contact information for each location under our locations listings. If you are planning a visit, traveling with a large group, or just interested in booking a tour, we encourage you to call for more information and pricing. We try to remain updated with the different events, offerings, and activities at each space and you can find more information about specific things to do listed on each site’s location listings page or on their own website.

How can I help preserve these locations?

Each historic space in Canada requires continual upkeep and maintenance. A lot of these sites are also in the middle of different conservation projects. We have a working list of each historic site’s conservation projects here. Donations are welcome at each location or through each location’s website. You can also show your support for each historic site by purchasing a membership, tour, or day pass.

Are there other ways I can help preserve these locations?

Absolutely! Some locations are asking for period-specific donations to feature in their collections or exhibits, while others require volunteers to stay operational. By sharing your personal experiences, learning the history of the site, and suggesting people visit, you can also preserve the haunt.

Are these sites family friendly?

Yes, a vast majority of the sites we have documented are very family friendly, and have content specialized for children, seniors, and large groups. All of the sites we have visited are exceptionally open and welcoming.

Someone I’m traveling with isn't into haunted history, can I still visit?

Of course you can still visit! Each location is a unique place to visit by itself, with lots to see, do and experience. If someone in your group does not wish to hear the haunted history of a location, there are still several ways they can still enjoy their visit.

I've visited a location, can I share my experience here too?

We always welcome hearing about other people’s experiences. Many historic locations keep records of different experiences reported. By sharing your stories and experiences, you can contribute to the contemporary rich history of each space. Feel free to send us an email describing your experiences and if we can either (A) share them with the location manager, or (B) post them on our Preserve the Haunt website. We require your written consent to post and send any information we receive.

Can I request to have a site preserved?

Of course! We are continually looking for new places across Canada to document and preserve. If you have a suggestion email us with the place and why you think it should be preserved. While we do have limited time and resources now, we are hoping to keep expanding our archive and we cannot do this without your help and support.

How do you define historic and haunted?

We maintain a general description of historic and haunted on purpose so we do not restrict our archive. While some of our locations are registered as a municipal, provincial, or national historic sites, others are unregistered. We understand hauntings to pertain to anything that produces unexplained feeling, experience, or occurrence of the past.   It is important to understand that when we speak of hauntings, we also mean to speak of cultural and historic hauntings that reverberate across Canadian spaces.